Goals, Goals, Goals!


Isabel Chaparro, Contributing Writer

The last time Windsor High School Field Hockey won a game was almost two years ago. This season, the girls have won two consecutive games so far and it’s only the end of September. This is more than they won all of last year and is equal to the end of season record of the 2017-18 team, who ended finished with a 2-1-13 record. Additionally, the last time the team had consecutive wins, was eight years ago; their 2011-12 season. Nearly a decade later, these girls are here to make a change for the better.

Traditionally, Windsor High School has strong athletics across the board; but Girls Field Hockey has never been one of them. At least not since 1984, when the team won the Class L championship. Since then, the team started to decline and in the past five years Windsor has had three new coaches for field hockey alone. 

Windsor doesn’t have any youth programs to feed into the high school level, like many of the teams they face; nor do they have the numbers of other schools, who have as many as 80 girls trying out. Each year field hockey struggles to fill a team and builds itself from the ground up. “They were learning the game at the varsity level and you cannot learn the game at varsity level” said Pam Hammersmith the 2015-16 varsity coach in a previous ‘Hartford Courant’ interview. Not much has changed and many of Windsor’s Field Hockey players are thrust into games against seasoned teams sometimes only having a few months of experience. 

After not winning any games last season, and losing all their prior games, the week of September 23rd was looking bleak. But that Monday, they pulled out a 3-1 win against Newington. 

“I was shocked, to be honest.” stated junior Shonté Lindsay, a varsity player on the team. The team went from barely scoring one goal in a season to three in a game. 

I felt unbelievably happy.” said senior and captain Suzanne Chapman. “As soon as the first goal of the season was scored I literally was jumping, screaming, totally obnoxiously but it was a great moment.” 

Later that week, they defeated East Catholic 2-1. At the beginning of the season the team’s goal was to win one game. They won two in a row. Now, the team is looking towards the future. 

“The future of Windsor Field Hockey is bright,” states head coach Amanda Waltman. “We have some really competitive games coming up that we hope we can get a win.”  The girls are looking towards the rest of the season with a new goal: ‘What can we do to keep this going?’ The varsity team this year has seven seniors out of the eleven players that play on the field. For them this season is a big one. 

“It felt great to know that I’d be leaving this program in better shape then it was where it was when I started.” stated Chapman. 

This is a fresh start for this team and it’s one that they are determined to continue. These girls have broken the losing cycle Windsor Field Hockey has had these past few seasons and are striving for this change to remain a positive one that transforms future teams as well.

—-Since the win over East Catholic, the team has gone 1–6–3, and as of November 5th, after a hard fought 0–0 tie with the visiting Lewis Mills team on Senior Night, the Windsor Field Hockey girls have 3 wins, 8 losses, and 3 ties.