Antonio Brown’s I$$UES  

      Antonio Brown’s I$$UES  

Corey McKeithan    , Contributing Writer

The Sports Beat by CM: Opinion

A September article in New York Times by Ben Shpigel details the case of NFL wide receiver, Antonio Brown, who is seeking $40 Million from the Patriots after retiring. However, based on the accusations against  Brown, he shouldn’t ask for anything. He was accused of not only sexual assault, but a threat, and breaking his contract while playing for the Raiders. 

In 2017 and 2018, Brown was accused of three incidents of sexual assault against someone who attended school with him. Two of these took place in June of 2017 and one in May of 2018. The woman who accused Brown was Britney Taylor. Taylor filed a lawsuit a day after Brown became a Patriot. According to the lawsuit, Brown assaulted her twice, once by exposing himself to her and kissing her without her consent, and another with him maturbating behind her and ejaculating on her back. The lawsuit also contained messages that Brown supposedly sent Taylor prior to the situation. After the incident, Taylor stated that she cut all business ties with Brown. Several months later, Brown contacted her with an apology which then led her to reconnect the business relationship with Brown. Shpigel’s piece also notes that in the suit, Taylor stated that on May 20, 2018, Brown forced her onto a bed and raped her, and even after she continuously shouted “no” and “stop” Brown ignored her and continued to penetrate her. 

Taylor claims she told three people about the rape prior to the lawsuit: her mother; a member from her church; and Brown’s chef. Even after her lawsuit, Shpigel writes, Brown continued to deny any of these allegations, while his lawyer, regarding Taylor’s claim, stated that  “any sexual interaction with Mr. Brown was entirely consensual.” After these allegations were released to the public, the NFL decided to proceed with their own investigation and Taylor agreed to cooperate 100%.

During Brown’s career he spent nine years with the Steelers and pressed for a trade after the 2018 season and joined the Raiders. While on the Raiders, Brown was rarely ever on the field. He sat out most of the time due to a “foot injury,” and because of league safety rules that didn’t allow him to use his preferred model helmet. The Times piece also notes that “The Raiders ultimately fined Brown $54,000 for failing to practice and conduct detrimental to the team, notifying him with a letter that he later posted to his instagram account – the same place where he asked to be cut after the team used provisions in his contract to void about $30 million of the deal.” Even though Brown knew he was wrong, he still got upset that the Raiders didn’t want to pay him for work that he agreed to do, but failed to complete.

Brown wants $40 million. He was accused of sexual assault not once, not twice, but three times. He has no real evidence that Britney Taylor is lying about what she is saying. But she has proof that he wanted her to shut up about it. Brown was traded to the Raiders after his unhappily ending from Steelers and failed to do what he agreed to do. He was rarely ever playing and was rarely ever in uniform but still expected the full amount from his deal when he didn’t even meet the expectations himself. He has caused several issues in the NFL, and now he is expecting $40 million. He just doesn’t deserve it.