WHS Girls Soccer: An October Evening– A Clinic in Tenacity

Gianna Venturini, Student Editor

Either way, Windsor girls soccer would not give up. The girls fought through the game despite all of the struggles that faced them. The Farmington Indians would not stop pushing. The Windsor Warriors would not stop fighting. It was a brisk fall day on October 4th, 2019, at Jack O’Brien Stadium, and the game was an important one for the Windsor girls— this was a game that could  determine whether or not they went to states. Unfortunately, Farmington came out on top 4-0. The loss could have been defeating, but the Windsor girls worked together and didn’t stop trying. 

With inspiration from Coach Anne-Marie Medonis, the team pushed to protect the ball from going into the goal. Medonis stated, “In the first half, we were over-committing on defense and giving them an advantage. We were able to reflect during half-time and correct this for the second half.” 

The Indians were tough, but Windsor stuck with it. Rachel Cleveland, the goalie, and also one of the captains, had 13 saves. Cleveland says, “Usually, for games like these, I physically and mentally prepare myself. Of course, I drink a lot of water and stretch the night before. Mentally, I’ll ask myself what my goals are for the game, I think of methods to help me achieve those goals, and I put those methods into effect during the game.”  Rachel says she also focuses upon her weaknesses: “Since I am tall, it’s harder for me to save grounders. I ….work on my reaction time and diving.”

Freshman Natalya Pennant said,  “I helped defense and offense. I helped anywhere that was needed.” Pennant added that “One thing I’m most excited about is the fact that I’m a freshman and I am starting for varsity against such an important team.” 

 Before the game, Alana Martin was excited about, “being able to compete and maybe …being able to go to states.”  In sports like soccer, teams must, during the regular season, achieve a certain record relative to the other teams in the conference in order to determine whether or not the team makes it to states. 

In trying to achieve this goal, Martin adds that the team prepares by “trying to get in the right mindset to win this type of game…We do drills that connect to what we need to work on for the game… We go over the strengths of the other team so that we know their weaknesses and how to score against them.”     

While doing these drills helps the team construct the skills needed to defeat the opposing teams, both Pennant and Martin note that the team still needs to improve on communication, and ball movement and passing skills.                                                                                     

Overall, the varsity girls soccer team is a strong team. They have their ups and downs, but they will always support each other and play the full 80 minutes strong.                                     

          Since this game, the Warriors won four of their next ten games, finishing at 5-10-1.