Snapshot: Getting Community Service Hours and Helping Man’s Best Friend:


Sebastian Gaudiosi


On Saturday October 5th, I arrived at the Windsor Animal Shelter on 970 Marshall Phelps Road at 10:00 AM, where I met Mr. Steve Bianchi, Windsor High’s Community Services Program Coordinator,  who explained the tasks that I and some other Windsor High School volunteers would be doing today. 

We began by raking up any leaves, pebbles, and sticks from the dog trails behind the building, and then spreading mulch over them. This not only evens out the grounds and covers the remaining natural debris, but it better protects the dogs’ feet, which we found heartwarming. The dogs have a huge issue walking along these trails, because the natural ground hurts their paws.  We repeated this many times, raking and mulching and back again. Our shift ended around 1:00 pm.  

Working on these trails, which helps the dogs, also counts for community service, which most of us still need. While this may not be a job or task that would be high on one’s service list, I found working with friends and helping dogs to be rewarding. 

The animal shelter staff continues to need help. If you have any questions about this job in particular, or more community service opportunities, contact Mr. Bianchi or Mrs. Dawn Hunter for more details, or visit the community service board across from the counseling office.  At the end of the day, I’m extremely happy that I did this and proud as well. And hey, maybe I’ll see you there.