Windsor Feud game show will be an opportunity to raise money for small businesses and charities

Julia Steinberg, Staff Contributor

On February 16th, 2019, the Windsor Chamber of Commerce will hold its fifteenth annual Windsor Feud. This event will include staff of businesses from all over the town of Windsor and will support the small businesses of Windsor in the Chamber of Commerce’s community and business programs, as well as various charities that participants choose.

The live game show will be broadcasted by the Win-TV and will be Windsor’s version of the hit show hosted by Steve Harvey, “Family Feud.” Groups who participate will battle in groups of four to guess the top answers to humorous questions. Out of the ten participating groups, four will receive trophies based on points awarded. Also, residents of Windsor will have the ability to pledge money to this charity event and support local companies. Money raised over a certain amount will go towards charities, so it’s a win-win for the small businesses and civic groups, as well as Windsor and its surrounding communities.

Along with the goal of raising money for Windsor, the event will be a fun time for companies involved and viewers. The teams will dress up in creative costumes and there will be awards for the “Best Theme,” “Most Correct Answers” and “Most Pledged Dollars.” Sponsors will also be listed during the broadcast, and some might even be interviewed during the show. In the past the Hampton Inn, Kiwanis Club, and North West Park have participated so it’s a great opportunity to support familiar faces while being entertained.

The 2019 annual Windsor Feud will take place on February 16th of 2019 and will be broadcasted on Win-Tv and at

A photo from the 2018 Windsor Feud. Source: Windsor Chamber of Commerce