The Story of A Legend – Tom Brady

Emmanuel Carter, Staff Contributor

Here is Tom Brady hoisting up his 5th Super Bowl Trophy in his career as the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl 51 On February 5, 2017.


Tom Brady grew to be one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Due to his numerous accomplishments, records, and accolades, many analysts and sportswriters consider Brady to be among the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Just look at all the accomplishments: 5-time super bowl champion, 4 super bowl MVPs, and a record 3 NFL league MVPs the list goes on and on forever.

Despite Tom’s successful career, Tom Brady is mainly known for being an underdog, but few scouts foresaw greatness in his future at the 2000 NFL combine. Every scout doubted Brady as they said nothing but negative opinions about him. According to Fox sports, the scouts said that Tom was a “poor build, skinny, lacks great physical strength, lacks a really strong arm, mobility, and can’t drive the ball down the field.” Tom had a rough draft combine as he ran a ridiculously slow 5.28 40-yard dash and only managed a 24.5” vertical leap. But Brady didn’t give up his career as he knew the skill and potential he had despite all the of doubt.

Moving into the NFL, Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. The 2001 season was a different story. After starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe was injured, Brady took over, proving himself a strong leader with a powerful arm. Brady finally got to prove himself and he indeed did. Anyone who doubted his abilities only had to look at the team’s record, an impressive 11 wins to three losses in the 14 games that Brady started. In the post-season, he helped the team secure a win over the St. Louis Rams at Super Bowl XXXVI, and Brady received the game’s MVP award.

After young Tom Brady led the Patriots to the Super Bowl title against the St. Louis Rams in his first starting season, many people started showing their respect for the young man’s football talents. Even Rams hall of fame quarterback Kurt Warner showed his respect as he said “The great thing about Tom is that no matter what he went through, it didn’t seem like he allowed the pressure to bother him. A lot of guys might have reacted to the big stage of the Super Bowl by trying to force plays, but he just relaxed. Right now, he seems like a kid in a candy store.”

The Patriots became one of the NFL’s elite teams, posting an incredible 40–12 record during Brady’s first three seasons. In 2004 the team returned to the Super Bowl, defeating the Carolina Panthers and earning Brady another Super Bowl MVP award.

In his first four years on NFL experience, he had already won three super bowl titles and started one of the greatest dynasties the NFL has ever seen in the New England Patriots. Despite all the hate Brady mangaed to find a way to ignore the hate and encourage and inspire upcoming talents and generations and even teammates to never give up and don’t let anyone take your dream away and accomplish anything you set your mind to. When Brady was drafted he told New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft that “I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.”

Brady is still playing at an extremely high level at the age of 41 years old. He is beloved and respected by many players, coaches, and owners for his incredible work ethic, leadership, and his accomplishments over the course of his career. ESPN had a sit-down interview with the owner of the Patriots Robert Kraft and here’s what he had to say about Tom Brady “Definitely the greatest player of all time not just quarterback in my opinion,” Kraft said in an interview with ESPN. “Because he’s such a leader in the locker room. For someone double, the age of some of the players to be able to lead like that, and connect like that, and have the work ethic that he has, and at the same time so pleasant to be around I’m really the luckiest guy in the world.” (Source: ESPN)

The call to action is that Brady is setting a very good example for other young quarterback talents in the NFL such as the great Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Jared Goff, and other players. He was voted #1 player in the 2017 and 2018 season in the NFL by players. Young athletes look up to him as a mentor and inspiration as they heard his inspiring story leading up to his Successful career. He encourages younger generations to never give up and keep working hard in what they do no matter what people say or think. Tom Brady has had an outstanding career an has proved all the doubters wrong. Tom Brady will forever be a “Legend.”

Tom Brady celebrates as he led the New England Patriots to their first super bowl title in franchise history over the ST. Louis Rams. February 3, 2002.
Here is young Tom Brady a the NFL Draft combine. The scouts thought Brady wouldn’t have a successful career, and he would never start a game. They all doubted his football skills and physical abilities. But Brady wisely proved them wrong and ignored all the hate.