Patriots Continues Their Reign of Terror in AFC Championship

Josh Weiner

Pictured above is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady(right) celebrating a phenomenal win with the backup quarterback, Bryan Hoyer(left).

Tom Brady continued making his case for being the greatest player of all time this Sunday the 20th when he beat the MVP candidate, Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the firey Kansas City Chiefs Team. With a game going back and forth between two high-powered teams, many highlight moments occurred with everything building up to an overtime game-winning drive by the Patriots, a drive that has now that sent them to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta.

With both teams coming off of dominant performances the week before, it seemed like their game against each other would be one for the ages. However, based on the dominance of Mahomes and the Chiefs over the season, many believed that they would blow out the Patriots. Many analysists said this game would have Brady “pass the torch” to Mahomes, allowing him to be the great next quarterback, but they would have to wait for the game.

Going in as the underdogs, the Patriots started off hot, putting up fourteen unanswered points in the first half with one coming from running back Sony Michel and the other from a deep pass from Brady to Philip Dorsett. Going into the half, many Patriots fans took a sigh of relief as they thought this would be just as easy as last week’s game.
This was not the case, as Pat Mahomes would drive down the field to score a touchdown two minutes into the second half. The Patriots would respond with a field goal, where they were immediately bombarded by the Chiefs star-studded offense, allowing back to back touchdowns, giving Kansas City the lead. The Patriots continued their fight and marched down the field for yet another touchdown from Michel. Kansas City stole away the lead as soon as the Patriots had taken it, scoring another touchdown and regaining the league.
With 2 minutes left, Brady reestablished for all the player he is known to be, converting  clutch third downs and getting the Patriots on the four-yard line, allowing for a touchdown from Rex Burkhead, giving them the lead yet again. Many believed it was over with only forty-two seconds left, but staying calm and collected, Patrick Mahomes drove down the field to allow the game-tying field goal. The game was headed for overtime.
Winning the coin toss, the ball was placed in the hands of the great one. Brady continued to convert on third downs and making difficult passes all the way down the field, including a deep connection to Rob Gronkowski to place them in the red zone.  With a final rushing touchdown from Burkhead yet again, the Patriots secured their victory.
Tom Brady would finish with 348 yards and 1 touchdown, while both Sony Michel and Rex Burkhead combined for 156 yards and 4 touchdowns. The Patriots are now heading to the Super Bowl in Atlanta on February 3rd, where they will play the high powered Los Angles Rams. If the game is anything like the Patriot’s matchup with the Chiefs, everyone watching should be in for a treat.