Out With the Old, In With the New

Shani Smith

On Tuesday, January 8th, a student commented on how he was surprised to hear Chief Executor, Mr. Jeffrey Goodin, shouting ¨Quiet on set!¨ across from his classroom. Since last school year at Windsor High, talk of the announcements and various segments released by news show ¨The Dub Hub¨ have dwindled due to an inoperable studio. Finally, the wait is over.

The week before Christmas break, the studio was immensely renovated to meet the needs of Mr. Goodin and his many students. According to Mr. Goodin, the studio underwent a ¨huge upgrade since last school year and we wanted our school to meet industry standards.¨ The cameras were upgraded to HD/4k quality and were accompanied with a new sound and lighting system. ¨…it is state of the art and gives students a truly authentic world experience,¨ said Goodin.

The studio also received a new switcher and computer graphics system. According to www.technopedia.com, a switcher ¨can create different visual effects¨ as well as  ¨…perform keying operations and help in producing color signals.¨

Over the summer, maintenance personnel accidentally damaged some of the equipment and the room has been inoperable for the whole semester. Thankfully Perkins Funding and a few providers supplied WHS with a ¨technology upgrade¨grant to restore the losses. A decade has passed since Windsor High has seen a redevelopment near Room D113.

In addition to ¨The Dub Hub´s¨ student-based segments, Goodin plans on using the new equipment for ¨classes, student talk shows and podcasts, interviews with alumni, andother programming for WIN-TV.¨

“It’s exciting to work in the TV studio with all the new equipment.  It’s exactly like a “real” TV station, and our new show, The Dub Hub, should be really cool.”  commented junior Tyler Ruff.




exclusive photo from Veteran´s Day ceremony film, courtesy of Mr.Goodin