Windsor High School Student Writes New Science Fiction Fantasy Novel

Araya Miller, Staff Contributor

Talissa Colon, a Windsor High School junior, finished writing a science fiction fantasy novel she wrote titled, “The Revenge on Dyanthus.”

Colon began writing her book three years ago and with a combination of hard work and dedication, she finally has a finished product.

She is now contacting literary agencies across the nation in order to get her written work published.

“The Revenge on Dyanthus” is about 450 pages long and follows two sorceresses, Sakura and Kaia, who must navigate their way through the planet of Dyanthus. While trying to survive on their own a man, Alpheus, uses them in his plot to take over the universe. With a third person omniscient point of view, the reader knows Alpheus is the antagonist all along, but the two sorceresses are unaware.

Colon was inspired to write a novel in the eighth grade where she attended Sage Park Middle School. She participated in the Language Arts Challenge program the middle school offers and was often assigned short stories to write. She loved doing the small projects and decided to take her writing a step further by writing an entire novel.

Colon thought of the main plot of the book out of the blue one day and began to improve upon it over time. Colon says, “To be honest I don’t really know where I got the idea from. I just thought of it out of nowhere and thought it would be interesting to write about.”

It took some time before Colon realized what the best writing process was that fit her and her schedule. However, she now believes that she was the most productive when she just started writing, went with the flow, and did not overthink it.

While writing Colon did not always have good days. She faced many difficulties including time management and writer’s block. She says, “My biggest struggle probably was staying in the flow because I did this while being in school. School kind of messed me up because I had to stop and do homework and do community service, all that stuff, so probably staying in the flow.”

Colon really supports anyone that would like to be an author in the future and believes that with enough effort anyone can do it. She advises aspiring writers to take their time to improve in their craft, and not to overwork themselves. She says, “I recommend that people who want to write professionally should just have patience because it takes a long time, especially when you are trying to write a book.”

Since completing her book, Colon has been searching for a literary agent. This agent will begin the process of selling, “The Revenge of Dyanthus” to publishers. Some of the agencies she has contacted have been New Leaf Literary and Media, Inc., Irene Goodman Literary Agency, and some more minor companies.

Colon plans to go to college after high school and would like to attend the University of Connecticut, Brown University, or Boston University. She wants to become an author or work for a publishing company, where she would read and edit manuscripts. By writing this novel Colon has already taken the steps to make her dreams a reality.

Talissa Colon, author of “The Revenge of Dyanthus,” pictured above.