The Audience plays a Guessing Game on Fox’s New Show


Contestants from “The Masked Singer”

Aretha Prabawa

A new show on Fox have masked celebrities take center stage as the audience tries to guess who is singing under the mask.

“The Masked Singer” is a new show on Fox where celebrities of all professions sing in front of an audience and a panel of judges, and the goal is to find out who is under the mask.

Each celebrity comes up on stage with masks on. Before performing, a clip plays for each of the contestants to give clues to their identity. Everything is done to hide the identity of the one under the mask, and the audience must try to solve who is singing.

Every week, there are 3 pairs of celebrities going against each other. The winner of each match keeps their mask on and continue in the competition, while the losers are at risk of getting their masks removed. The one who gets the lowest votes from the judges and the audience gets eliminated and must take their mask off at the end of the episode.

The show includes Nick Cannon as the host, and Ken Jeong, Jenny Mccarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke as the judges. After each performance, the panel of judges make guesses as to who the hidden singers are based on the clues given, including their voice and costume.

The series premiered on Jan.2. The host, Nick Cannon, started the show by saying, “We’re not here to make people famous; our masked singers already are famous. Starting right now, we’re all detectives in a very big musical mystery to find out who’s behind the mask.” He then introduces the matches.

The first match was “Peacock” versus “Hippo”. Ultimately, the “Hippo” lost to the “Peacock” and was at risk for elimination for the night. The next match was “Monster” versus “Unicorn”, which the “Unicorn” won. The final match was “Deer” versus “Lion”, which the “Lion” won. The contestants at risk were brought back onto the stage, and based off the panelists, “Hippo” was eliminated in the night.

The judged made guesses as to who the Hippo was, with guesses being Basketball Player Allen Iverson, and Football Players Deion Sanders and Odell Beckham Jr. When the mask was removed, it was revealed that  “Hippo” was actually Antonio Brown, wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brown says that the show was a challenge, but he still had a “good time” on the show.

Though this is new in America, the original concept for the show originated from Korea. The Korean version, “King of Masked Singer,” is the original show that created this style of competition. The franchise has spread to other Asian countries, including Thailand and China, and the United States’ adaptation is the first in a Western country. However, the show did not forget its roots as Korean Idol Groups, such as Wanna One, BTS, and Winner, have sent well wishes to the show.

“The Masked Singer” airs every Wednesday on Fox. Reportedly, there will be ten episodes with the current set of twelve masked singers to determine the winner of the season. The curtain goes up for these hidden singers every week as they sing to stay on the show.