Madden 19 – Overall Game Review

Above, is the cover athlete for the video game Madden NFL 19 is Pittsburgh Steelers Star Wide Receiver Antonio Brown.

Above, is the cover athlete for the video game Madden NFL 19 is Pittsburgh Steelers Star Wide Receiver Antonio Brown.

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Above, is the cover athlete for the video game Madden NFL 19 is Pittsburgh Steelers Star Wide Receiver Antonio Brown.


With an earlier release date than normal which was on August 10, 2018, Madden season has begun a little sooner for fans of the historic football gaming franchise. Madden 19 is the best football video game out there.  This is because Madden is literally the only NFL game on the market. The newest entry is still well worth the investment for any American football gamer, especially if they’ve sat out some of the more recent Madden games.

During the gameplay, you can see that growth on display in the excellent fluidity your players bring to the field. Basic moves like spins, jukes, and the ability to adjust your speed and hit the gap all look fantastic. It’s a noticeable improvement that you will see across speed changes, cuts, and tackling with crushing blows when you hit the Truck Stick.

The all-time famous Madden NFL video game series has improved a lot this year as the feel of the game continues to improve, especially with Madden 19’s enhanced controls. You’ll see your stick talent translate on screen in fluid motions that’ll have you pumping your fist in the air while you beat down your friends. And it’s not just what you see while playing on offense juking and spinning your way to a touchdown. On both sides of the ball, player interactions have gotten a noticeable bump from last year. It’s the way a defensive lineman can break off a tackle to crush the halfback in the backfield. The way safeties can track down the ball and pick it off before momentum carries them out of bounds. And the way play action breaks down as the edge blitz catches you off guard, nearly causing you to jump in fear. EA has done a great job capturing the speed, momentum, and impact of football in Madden 19.

The New game has also added and improved new modes and new game animations. There are some nice new animations in the game. The dropped passes look a lot better than they did before. Also, the tackles are impacting, especially the ones involving three or more players. This version of Madden captures a nice balance between hard and fun-to-watch hits and the safer, softer tackles that we saw in recent versions of the game. With the new modes and improved modes, EA has finally added customization options to Madden 19, allowing the Madden community to create their own draft classes. This sorely missed mechanic adds a new layer of realism to the season-long experience. After you advance to week 3 of your season, these draft classes can be saved and shared with the community, encouraging all fans to download realistic classes with some of college football’s most notable athletes. You can even edit players after the draft class has been uploaded.

In conclusion, the overall rating of madden is very well. EA sports did a remarkable job in creating yet again another great video game especially another series game of t Madden Football. The graphics catch your attention and the gameplay feels so realistic with all of the player and game animations. They added brand new modes and gave you more access to be creative and allows you to edit things the way you want things to be. it does deliver an absolutely stunning visual experience, decent gameplay and enough options to keep most fans occupied.