Latin Honor Society Selects New Leadership For The New Year


New “consuls” for the Latin Honor Society

Aretha Prabawa

The Windsor High School Latin Honor Society chose new officials at their meeting on Dec.6.

Kali vom Eigen and Zachary Kopacz were selected as the new “consuls” to the group.

Both vom Eigen and Kopacz started taking Latin in their freshmen years. Vom Eigen says that she took Latin because she was interested in seeing the connection with different languages. She says, “My mom had taken Latin and she said it was really interesting seeing all the parallels between English and Latin, so I thought it was a really cool language.” Kopacz says a similar reason. “I chose Latin because it is important…because it is the root of many other languages, and it is also historically significant.”

Vom Eigen says that she chose to run for consul because the members are friends she made in Latin. She says, “All of my friends that I kind of maintained through Latin are a part of the honor society…so it made me extra passionate.”

Kopacz says that he ran because he thinks the club needs a good leader. He says, “I chose to run for consul because I wanted there to be good leadership in the Latin Honor Society.”

Joanna Marcisz, the Latin teacher at Windsor High School and advisor for Latin Honor Society, says this is the first year she is implementing the consul system. She says, “This is actually the first time I decided to do the consuls instead of the president. And I decided on consuls because the Roman Republic was led by [the] executive branch that was headed by two consuls…so I decided that ‘Since the Roman Republic had two consuls, why don’t I do two consuls for [the] Latin Honor Society?'”

Marcisz says she believes both students will do well as consuls. “My two consuls are wonderful…they are great students, dedicated to studying Latin, so the position is well deserved.”

The new consuls have made plans for this year. Both Kopacz and vom Eigen say they want to do fundraising for the club. Kopacz says, “I’d like to do a lot of fundraising this year because Latin hasn’t had a field trip anywhere in many years now, so I think it would be cool if not for us, [then] for future Latin students to have their own field trip…”

Currently, Latin Honor Society is holding a toy drive along with the other language honor societies. The next meeting is scheduled for sometime in December to discuss future plans and activities for the club.