Windsor High School Bass Player Accepted Into Renowned Music Festival

Araya Miller, Staff Contributor

Jacob White, a Windsor High School senior, has been chosen to perform in the Northern Region High School Music Festival after he auditioned at Avon High School on Nov. 3.

The Northern Region High School Music Festival is two days that will take place Jan. 18-19th at New Britain High school this year where the selected ensemble of high school students will rehearse, receive support, and on the final day perform the music they have practiced.

For his audition, White performed a solo piece, musical scales, and did a sight reading portion. On the double bass, he played Scarlatti’s Sonata No.1 in D Minor, Mvts 1 & 2, in “Three Sonata for the Double Bass.”

White felt slightly nervous before auditioning but relaxed once he reminded himself he just wanted to show off his skills. White said, “I get a little bit nervous but the nerves pass because I know I am just there to show them [the judges] how I play and stuff. I don’t take it too seriously.”

He began playing the bass in seventh grade after he tried all the other strings instruments and didn’t enjoy playing any of them. The bass was the last option but he immediately became passionate about it.

He improved rapidly and a few months after learning the instrument he auditioned for the Northern Region Middle School Festival. He was accepted to play in the ensemble that year and several others. This will be White’s fifth year qualifying to the festival. He performed in the ensemble twice in middle school, in the seventh and eighth grade, and all of high school except for his sophomore year.

He involves himself in other ensembles as well. In the past, White was a member of the Springfield Symphony Youth Orchestra and partook in the New England Music Festival. This year he plays in the Connecticut Youth Symphony on top of his work in the Northern Region Music Festival.

Dr. Paul Pierce, the String Orchestra teacher, believes that White is an exceptional bass player. Pierce says, “He’s a very solid player with a really good pitch. He has really good ears and has a really good tone.”

White believes that music has been helpful in developing skills within himself. White says, “It’s [music] something I see as a way to help me learn and problem-solve.”

He also receives inspiration from other artists. In particular, White enjoys listening to Rinat Ibragimov, a bassist from the London Symphony Orchestra. White says, “He [Ibragimov] does a lot of solo pieces I am inspired by, but I don’t try to mimic him. I just try to do my own thing.”

White also credits Susan Powell, his private lesson teacher, for his success. He says, “She [Powell] is like my Bible. She taught me everything I know about the bass so I really owe it [his achievements] to her.”

White plans to pursue music in his undergraduate of college with a double major in pre-med and music. He has a range of colleges he wants to attend, like New York University, University of Connecticut, and the University of Hartford. The Northern Region High School Music Festival is just one more step on White’s path to musical success.

Jacob White playing the bass.