The Windsor High School Orchestra Prepares for Upcoming Concert


Orchestra Preparing For Concert

Aretha Prabawa

The Windsor High School Orchestra is preparing for their upcoming winter concert on Dec.20.

The orchestra is preparing their annual holiday concert by preparing songs that celebrate not only various holidays in the Fall and Winter, but also incorporates a multicultural view of different celebrations.

The pieces that the orchestra is preparing range from pieces that celebrate Fall holidays that the United States observe, such as Veterans Day, to pieces that celebrate the various cultures at Windsor High School.

Paul Pierce, the conductor of the Windsor High School Orchestra, says that this concert is meant to include different holidays as well as myths from the world. Pierce says, “The concert’s little sub-theme is ‘mythology and holidays,’ and so it’s the Fall holidays…Basically, there’s a piece for the major Fall holidays…and a couple of mythology pieces.”

Pierce also says something new to this concert is a performance of an Indian piece called “Atishabaji,” which means “Firework” in both Punjabi and Hindi. Pierce says, “Jagteshwar Singh is playing drums for this. It was his suggestion to play his piece.”

Some students in the orchestra say that the pieces they are playing give a variation of view. Jacob White, a senior at Windsor High School and a bass player in the orchestra, says, “I think the repertoire is very encompassing of a lot of different things. I feel like it’s not just one theme. I think we’re playing a lot of different music, which is kind of cool.”

However, other students feel as though playing classical music is also beneficial to the orchestra. Layla Browne, a Windsor High School sophomore and violin player in the orchestra, says that playing classical music would be good for the orchestra. Browne says, “I feel like they’re good pieces for a string orchestra specifically, but I feel like we could be doing more classical pieces. I feel like that would really strengthen everyone as an orchestra.” Browne says that she believes the orchestra will still do well with the pieces for the concert. Browne says, “I think everything is going well.”

Pierce says that the orchestra is progressing well with the help of their leaders. He says, “The leaders definitely have it, and the section players are getting there.” Pierce also revealed some plans for the spring concert, saying, “We’re actually playing another piece for the spring concert. A medley from ‘Green Day.’”

The holiday concert is going to be held on Dec.20. It is free to the public, and right before the long Christmas Break. This concert will include the Windsor High School Orchestra and Band and will be held to celebrate the holidays of the season.