Lady Warriors Fight Tough Game in Brutal Conditions

With temperatures of thirty-seven degrees and wind speeds up to 13 miles per hour, the Windsor Warriors powderpuff team faced many obstacles in their match against the South Windsor Bobcats. In their last game against Rocky Hill, the Warriors staged an impressive comeback, securing the victory with a clutch interception from Nahriel Gelly on the fifteen-yard line.

Looking to continue their winning streak, the Warriors practiced multiple days a week in preparation for the big game coming up. Defensive end, Molly Shannon said, “They’re a solid team but I think that with the momentum we got from winning last game, we have a really good shot to capitalize and go undefeated.” The confidence showed in many of the other Warriors as many were very excited to play.

However, many of the Warriors were unable to play in the game due to basketball season starting and injuries hitting the team hard such as starting quarterback Julie Fontaine requiring surgery. The team rolled with the punches and filled in the missing positions. The game would be a challenge.

In the first half of the game, the Bobcats put up an early touchdown to gain the lead. The Warriors’ offense struggled to get moving, the Bobcats having a steady defense. The Warrior defense did greatly improve however as they may stop after stop, not allowing for many South Windsor yards. The Bobcats came back to kick a field goal, increasing the lead to nine to zero. The offense continued to find trouble, not being able to break off any big plays, although there were big-time efforts from players such as Taylor Allen and Grace Strauch.  Sadly, the Warriors were unable to secure the win, although the game did prove that the team was hardworking and would not go down without a fight.

Many players were disappointed with the result of the game, but at the same time were happy that they had participated in the first place. Linebacker Sarah Lattimer said, “You know, it’s not the ending we wanted but I think I can speak for all of us when we say that playing for the team was really fun and we’re all really glad we did it.”