Kymberli Joye’s Army Secures Her A Spot In The Top 10 On The Voice

Kymberli Joyes Army Secures Her A Spot In The Top 10 On The Voice

Kymberli Joye packed a powerful punch with a performance of “Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs on The Voice stage Nov. 26.  After Kelly chose Joye with less than one minute on the clock before the wrap up of the previous episode on Nov. 13, Joye has proven to not only the judges but the audience that she will not be leaving anytime soon with her most recent performance.

The song chosen for her latest performance was a very bold choice as it was a gospel song, a genre not performed much on The Voice. But despite the lack of gospel on the show, Joye went took the audience to church with her performance and gave it her all with most of America on her side.

Kymberli Joye pouring her soul in her performance.

Joye freely expresses her love for gospel and God not only on the voice. She has produced 2 gospel singles with her most recent one being “Abba” and “Destiny” released in 2015. She has also performed as a backup singer for JJ Hairston, a Grammy award-winning gospel artist.

“This is what you wanna do with your life. You love gospel music and that’s what you wanna do so that’s what you’re gonna do,” said award-winning country singer Kelly Clarkson to Joye.

America didn’t let go of Joye this time and kept her in their thoughts. But will they hold onto the hope of her success, or will they let her off the hook next episode?