Studying Becomes a Challenge as Countless Websites are Blocked on Chromebooks

Josh Weiner, Senior Editor

Pictured above is the classic Chromebook mots Windsor High School students have.


Over the past ten years, there has been a surge of technology use in schools all over the country. Windsor High School is no exception. All students receive a Google Chromebook at the beginning of the school year which is to be used in the classroom and at home in order to complete assigned work. In past years it has been an effective tool and has been praised. This year, however, students are finding it much more difficult to complete work because of the dozens of websites being blocked.

Many websites such as Netflix and video game websites have been blocked, and deservedly so. These websites only prohibit learning and cause a distraction for the student. The problem lies in all the other websites blocked. Many research and educational websites are blocked as well, and for what reason?

Both teachers and students have made comments on the blocking of these websites, saying that needed resources are being denied causing them to be unable to complete the work assigned to them, which then pushes back the whole class. “Much of my class requires students to be able to research information and complete digital games in order to reinforce their knowledge of what we are learning in class. When many of the websites I would like to use are blocked, a whole new day plan is needed, causing more hassle.” said one anonymous teacher.

Windsor High School student Nathan Steinberg said, “In just these first couple of month, I haven’t been able to do a ton of online work cause the websites my teacher tells us to use, are blocked by the school. It’s pretty annoying at this point.”

A major website which has been altered is YouTube. Videos are essential to teaching a class, according to most teachers. Teachers use them to get better in depth to a subject or topic they are teaching in class, sending students home to watch these videos to be better prepared. This year, however, practically all videos on the site are blocked, preventing students from acquiring needed information the teacher is expecting them to know.

Many students are going to their teachers about this situation and even Mr. Osunde. Many are hopeful that the problem will be fixed quickly so they can continue doing work as they had before.