Beloved Windsor High Teacher Plans his Retirement After Next Year

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Francis Halish,  a mainstay at Windsor high for 34 years now, has touched an inconceivable amount of people with his contributions to the school. Now with his retirement set in the summer of 2020, we all prepare to say goodbye to the famed Science teacher.

Mr. Halish or “Halish” as he is known to most of his students, taught my mother, and then 30 years later taught me. In his own words, he has  created a “generational memory.” My family is but one of many he has impacted through teaching different generations. The impact he has had on Windsor is immeasurable.

He has had a unique role in the school that no other teacher could fill. An advisor to the Kids and Critters Club, he currently takes care of countless snakes, fish, and other reptiles, that will all have to be shipped out when he leaves, leaving many  students with a void to fill.

He said that it would be “surreal and weird not being at Windsor high next year.” He described Windsor high as “my family,” so de described his impending retirement as “Excit[ing],”it will surely be hard for him to leave. Shelby Finlay a Senior at Windsor high described Mr. Halish as “helpful”, “funny”, and “always found a way to make learning fun”. This is just one of many students who Mr. Halish has made a positive impression on because of his charismatic and dynamic teaching style that never wavered or waned in his long career.

The impact Mr. Halish has had will not be easily matched by any teacher for a long time to come. This quote embodies the essence of Halish’s career: ” [Teaching is] Not just a job, [it is] a lifestyle.” Francis Halish you will be missed.


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Beloved Windsor High Teacher Plans his Retirement After Next Year