Teachers find different ways to better their teaching through “Learning Walks”

Alexis Agyei, Contributor

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Teachers in Windsor High School take another year to step out of their comfort zone and go on learning walks around the school to help themselves become better teachers.

Learning walks are for teachers to look at frequent trends they are seeing in different classrooms and to look at ways to better their teaching. Administrators and teachers constructed this idea together, as their goal is to have teachers find new strategies to use in their class.

“The purpose really is to kinda help us see what’s going on in each classroom and to,  really build on what’s being done that’s well.  And make the learning environment as friendly and as engaging as possible,” said English teacher Ms. Boyle.

After teachers finish their learning walks they meet in small groups and discuss what they saw. They talk about what particular teachers are doing well, what they need to improve upon and use what they’ve talked about. They use the information they saw and talked about, and use it to further help themselves grow as teachers and impress their students. Ms. Boyle calls this the “cause and effect” cycle.  

Pertaining to a difference in the way teachers teach, Ms. Boyle says “I’ve directly seen a way in the way teachers teach by seeing more objectives on the board, more agendas on the board..” In addition to a difference, when asking what teachers have taken away from this Miss Sola said, “I’ve learned to better design lessons for my students!”

 This learning walk truly emphasizes the purpose of learning. “Effective learning in the classroom depends on the teachers’ ability to maintain the interest that brought students to the subject in the first place” according to the Department Of Teaching and Learning. Teachers are considered the light of the classroom.  Once students are motivated, learning can take place.