Windsor High is visited by alum and other exciting guests

Alex Peterson, Senior Editor

 On October 24th members of Windsor High’s leadership council, Young Men’s leadership academy, and The Big Sisters mentoring program was visited by Windsor alumni Jakwan Simmons, his brothers from phi beta sigma fraternity, and one of his sisters from the zeta phi beta sister sorority.

They came to speak to members of the clubs from all four grades about life on campus and “greek life,” which is the experience of being in a fraternity/sorority while still dealing with college obligations. The meeting was set up in a panel style where students were allowed to ask questions, while the juniors and seniors in college fielded them, providing a wide array of answers based on their different experiences and upbringings.

Jakwan, the Windsor alumni, called it “A great opportunity for us to learn” the experience was for some students a gateway into the world of college and for others, it was a deeper dive into one of the subsections of college life to help them make a very informed decision when it comes to picking a college. Students were able to learn a lot from them about brotherhood and camaraderie, also skills about leadership and organization which are not only tools that can help you in college but also skills that will push you forward for the rest of your high school career.