Class of 2022 Members Elect Student Officers


Members of the Class of 2022 walk a runway in ’60s themed fashion

Julia Steinberg, Contributor

Two weeks ago, Windsor High School freshmen voted in their officers for Class of 2022. And the results? They appear promising.

On October 10th, the club, with advisors Ms. DeFoe and Ms. Hansen, decided to have Araya Miller represent the class as president, Elly Colon as vice president, Shanya Thomas as secretary, Emma Butterick as treasurer, and Amayah Wimberly-Whaley as the leader of public relations.

Last Wednesday, the class officers met after school with students interested in sharing their input and ideas surrounding the 1960s themed hallway for Spirit Week. The meeting, held in room B102, began with Araya Miller introducing a clear agenda and goals. The students then discussed the idea of including different categories of 1960s culture, such as fashion, music, and movies. When fellow students suggested their ideas, the leaders listened thoughtfully, answering any questions and considering concerns. Araya Miller later said in an interview that it’s important to her that the class officers to “take other people’s perspectives” and harness them to be effective in leading the student body.

This approach proved successful when the Class of 2022 met to decorate their ‘60s themed hallway for Spirit Week on Wednesday, October 24th, finishing the final touches the next morning. With a dance performance by freshmen Cyana Lindsay and Dahmarre Bournes, pictures from artists and actors at the time, and a fashion show displaying trends, the leaders utilized ideas from their classmates to make their hallway an entertaining representation of the times.

In the future, Vice President Elly Colon said that she’s “really excited for fundraising” throughout the year. The Class of 2022 will meet with volunteers to raise money to lower the costs of tickets for the Junior and Senior Proms. The club plans to have the basics – bake sales, car washes, and concession stands at games – but Araya also hopes to get creative with the fundraisers so that it’s not “the same old thing every time.” She expects to have a fundraiser at least once a month.

With Spirit Week done, the team plans to continue meeting and discussing creative ways to fundraise in the future. Freshmen interested in coming to a meeting can contact the advisors or officers to share their suggestions and concerns.

Members of the Class of 2022 walk a runway in ’60s themed fashion