Social Studies Teacher Leads Upcoming Veterans Day Ceremony to Perfection

Niesha Patterson , Staff Writer

As the Veterans Day ceremony and memorial on Nov. 12 in Windsor High School and the Town Green approach in a high tide, Advanced Placement World History teacher Nancy Crilly-Kirk has multiple tasks to uphold such as scheduling guest speakers, the band music, and getting 1000 poppy flowers done. Yes, 1000.

In the past, showrunners of the Veterans Day memorial and ceremonies have had their creative moments. One idea that sparked Crilly-Kirk’s interest the most in this project was done by Amy Tria, a Windsor High School social studies teacher. Tria’s idea was to put gold stars on wooden sticks and each star would have the name of a veteran that either died or served in the military.

Men relaxing in chairs and cheering during World War I aftermath.


“So lots of people in town would stop and look for their fathers or grandparents, so it was kind of cool but that was Amy’s idea,” said AP World History teacher Nancy Crilly-Kirk.

But this year, Crilly-Kirk had a more different approach. With this year being the 100th anniversary of World War I, the art department and the social studies department are collaborating to craft 1000 Poppy flowers. One poppy flower represents 9,400 war dead.That’s 9,400,000 dead soldiers.

“I mean it was just a really sad war. It was particularly sad because there was just so much slaughter,” said Crilly-Kirk.

Not only will these poppies be all around the Town Green, but there will also be a ceremony at 9:11 p.m. on Nov. 12. The ceremony will include speeches from Superintendent Dr. Craig Cooke, Principle of WHS Mr. Uyi Osunde and potentially the first ever woman veteran speaker that fought in Afghanistan.

This event is due to take place during second block on November 12th. If you are interested in helping, please contact Ms. Crilly-Kirk for details.