Local high school´s first interactive sports clinic inspires youth

Shani Smith, Staff Writer

Local high school´s first interactive sports clinic inspires youth


On Saturday, October 20, Windsor High School orchestrated the annual “Play Like a Girl” event, where 6-12 year old female athletes were invited to indulge in a day of teamwork and unity. This clinic was free of charge, and took place from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.   

     As an introduction, administrator and host Mr. Kendrick Moore shared, “Fifty one percent of young ladies are dropping out of sports in their teen years due to the fact that some do not have a clear understanding of what sports can provide,” which is why he felt it necessary to spread awareness by reaching out to students across town. Teammates from various WHS athletic teams volunteered to teach the basics of physical activities such as basketball, softball, track, lacrosse, volleyball, soccer, and field hockey. Moore encouraged the instructors to challenge the participants since ´there is always a value in teaching.´

The event consisted of a dynamic group warm-up followed by  practice in small stations throughout two gyms. More experienced athletes, whose ages ranged from freshmen and seniors, partnered up with younger participants. No girl was left behind; the students assisted others when needed with no hesitation. Volunteers shared that the ‘interaction with youth’ was enlightening, and there is beauty in ‘bringing kids together.’ Moore communicated that the experience will ´advance their learning process´ as they explored the best ways to mentor younger athletes. ´All aspects of sports ´correlate to life.´ he said.

In addition, the impact of the experience was also recognized from the sidelines. Parents stated that there was an exceptional level of encouragement, and their children were becoming more familiar with the community. The mother of a budding sprinter commented, “with a good mindset, they can do anything.”

As reported by Mr. Moore, the event was created two years ago, when various profiles of female athletes were featured at a home basketball game to showcase the importance of engagement. Thanks to the aid of willing volunteers, the audience was able to actually take part in sports of interest.

Without a doubt, everyone involved learned a thing or two, and their love for a  hobby flourished. The youth were encouraged to play long-term, and parents truly enjoyed watching their daughters assimilate the idea that every girl is good enough to work hard and play harder. After an overview of the occasion, a father commented, “Play like a girl?! Just play period!”