National Honor Society Members Elect New Officers as a Start to Their Year

Logo for the National Honor Society

Logo for the National Honor Society

The National Honor Society has chosen new officers to lead the prestigious club at their first meeting of the school year.

On Wednesday October 17th, members of the club elected candidates into leadership positions. The new President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer now have the responsibility to lead this club and uphold its values: leadership, scholarship, character, and service.

Some of the new officers have previous experience from other clubs. Cameron Abbot, the elected Treasurer, has held the position for several clubs and says that being in this position in the Honor Society will help make change. “I had been [Treasurer] for robotics and the class,” He says. “I wanted to do it for NHS because it will make a difference.”

However, it is the first time that some have held a leadership role. Gwyneth Bartolome, the elected secretary, says she ran because she wanted to see change. “I always see the same people running for stuff…and nothing ever gets done,” she says, “Let me do it. See if I can do anything.” Nathan Steinberg, the elected Vice President, says he wanted to run because this was a group he wanted to represent. He says, “I ran for Vice President because I hadn’t run for any office before and I thought that with the group of students that we have in NHS…I thought it would be a good group to represent.”

“I’m excited,” says Kate Pointek, a math teacher and advisor of the Honor Society at Windsor High School, when asked about the new officers. “I think we have a good team that’s gonna be productive and help each other to have a great year for NHS.” She also described what each officer will be doing, saying, “The secretary will keep notes and update the Google Classroom and send emails to the group and maintain accurate attendance logs, and the Treasurer is again more of an administrative position, where they keep track of the funds. And the team…work together to develop a plan for NHS; to coordinate service activities so that kids in NHS can earn their 10 hours of community service for NHS towards their honor cords, and also to make sure the group runs smoothly.”

The new officers have already started planning and gathering new ideas for the club. “I really love the idea of service projects,” says Madelon Morin-Viall, the elected President of the club. “I had a few ideas that I posted to classroom.” She also says that the officers are close, and work together well.

Some members do have concerns for the officers to address. Kali vom Eigen, a member of the National Honor Society, says she wants to see action. “I would like to see actual action. If you remember from Gwyneth’s speech, the officers didn’t have a very good meeting.” Some cited communication to be a concern. “I want them to also be good about communicating with us so that we know what’s going on,” says Lauren Bernstein, another member of the club. She also wants the officers to be passionate about the club. However, they trust that the members are fully capable of doing their respective jobs.

The National Honor Society meets once every month to discuss different important topics relating to the club. The officers have already started working, and are excited to see what they can bring to the new year.